Raxco PerfectDisk Workstation / Server Edition 8.0.45

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Raxco PerfectDisk  Workstation / Server Edition  8.0.45
Raxco PerfectDisk Workstation / Server Edition 8.0.45 | 36 MB

Raxco Software, the leader in disk defragmentation, now provides the power of enterprise defragmentation for desktop and laptop users with PerfectDisk. PerfectDisk's easy to use interface and powerful defrag engine were designed for users who do not require the capabilities of network defragmentation and advanced features for the enterprise.PerfectDisk is a software that helps you to defrag disks. If you want to optimize your computer to run faster and perform better so you can do more – whether work or surfing the Web – and don't run in a networked environment like many companies, then PerfectDisk is for you. PerfectDisk® 8 Version delivers speed, thoroughness, and ease-of-use for all Windows® home, small business, and large enterprise users.

PerfectDisk® Version 8.0, the world's most popular and thorough disk defragmentation solution, combines speed, thoroughness flexibility, control and ease-of-use to help improve PC and server performance. Global enterprises benefit from faster computers through regular, automated, unattended defragmentation with PerfectDisk. Certified by Microsoft® for Windows, PerfectDisk is designed for today's largest disk drives. With PerfectDisk's Command Center management console, complete management and control is at the administrator's fingertips. If you are serious about disk defragmentation, optimization, and free space consolidation, you'll find PerfectDisk meets your high demands and requirements.

The PerfectDisk Difference :
• Certified by Microsoft
• The PerfectDisk Command Center, the most robust defragmentation management console available today - providing full deployment, configuration , management and reporting for the enterprise
• Designed to defragment the largest and most fragmented drives
• SMARTPlacement™ patented optimization strategy to reduce time and resources consumed during defragmentation runs
• Space Restoration Technology™ to consolidate free space into the largest possible blocks
• AutoPilot Scheduling to automate everything
• Patent-pending Resource Savert™ technology to speed defragmentation
• Intelligent screen saver mode
• Defragments files and free space in one pass
• CPU and I/O throttling
• Requires as little as 5% free space
• Single File Defrag
• Perfect Management™ provides complete integration with Active Directory
• Perfect-Time™ threshold capabilities for enhanced automation
• Full-featured command line options (local and network) to accommodate unique environments
• Works seamlessly with PerfectDisk for Exchange to automate the offline compaction & defragmentation of Exchange data stores

PerfectDisk version 8.0 provides new and enhanced features and easier navigation for home users, SMB (Small and Medium Business), and enterprise users. There is better performance on larger drives, improved reporting and manageability, full 64-bit support, and many more exciting new capabilities. The new version of PerfectDisk version 8.0 has two interfaces: Client and Command Center, designed for single users, small user groups, and corporate users. PerfectDisk Client is designed for home users or small business users who need to manage their computers individually. PerfectDisk Client simulates most of the functionality of PerfectDisk 7.0 with new and enhanced feature additions.

PerfectDisk Client's New and Enhanced Features :
* NEW patent-pending Resource SaverTM technology allows PerfectDisk to find all the pieces of a file without first opening the file, saving all the system resources typically required to open each file. This allows PerfectDisk to more efficiently defragment even the largest of drives with minimal system impact.

* Statistics: The following NEW features have been introduced in the Statistics:
- Addition of new graphing ability to visually track fragmentation and performance statistics over a period of time.
- Additional File Type statistics have been added. There are several pre-defined file types based on file extension (text, program, music, graphic, video) as well as users can add additional extension to these defined file types. This allows users to quickly identify what "types" of files are on their system (number of files and size on drive) and which ones are taking up the most space.
- Last Analysis or defrag bitmap statistics are available. This allows USERS to run PerfectDisk and see the result of a defrag pass that occurred (at) some time in the past when the user wasn't monitoring the result.

* AutoPilot Scheduling: The entire scheduling capabilities are now under the NEW name AutoPilot Scheduling. The following - NEW and ENHANCED features have been introduced in the Scheduling:
Scheduling has been ENHANCED to allow for more robust combinations. For example, you may schedule a defrag to run weekly on Mondays and Thursdays only.
- NEW Screen Saver scheduling for the Professional version of Windows has been introduced. This allows users to have PerfectDisk automatically defragment their drive(s) when Windows detects that their computer is "idle" (not being used by the user) and the drive hasn't been defragmented in X days (user definable). This gives an additional method to allow you more flexibility to scheduling defragmentation.

* NEW Single File Defrag: Rather than defragmenting the entire drive, this allows users to quickly and efficiently select a single file for defragmentation (e.g., graphic or video file that you may be working on, game file, etc.).

* NEW Consolidate Free Space Defrag: part of PerfectDisk's Space Restoration TechnologyTM. This method creates the largest piece of contiguous free space available which can be useful prior to creating large files or in performing partition resizing operations. It is also useful prior to compressing a virtual hard drive on a virtual machine, as a large amount of contiguous space can be recaptured.

* NEW I/O throttling: PerfectDisk automatically detects if the drive is "busy" and thus reduces its drive I/O usage during that time. This allows PerfectDisk to run on very busy drives without imposing any additional load.

* NEW CPU throttling: PerfectDisk allows you to raise or lower the CPU priority at which it runs. While PerfectDisk actually uses very little in CPU resources, it allows customers that have CPU bound systems to feel comfortable running PerfectDisk at a lower priority and not impose a noticeable CPU load on the system.

* NEW Automatic shutdown after defrag: PerfectDisk has the ability to automatically shut down the system after a defrag pass has been performed (Workstation versions of Windows only).

* NEW Power Management: PerfectDisk detects if a system is running on battery (UPS) and then decides whether to stop or not start defragmentation. This is most applicable to laptop users who need to preserve battery life. This is also useful for systems running on a UPS.

* NEW On Screen Help: PerfectDisk has introduced the On Screen Help functionality that gives you an overview of the actions that can be performed when a particular section of PerfectDisk is in focus. The help window is located at the right side of the PerfectDisk window and can be resized or closed.

PerfectDisk Command Center:
For corporate users, the new PerfectDisk Command Center, a management console for deploying, scheduling, configuring, managing, and reporting on your enterprise defragmentation. The PerfectDisk Command Center is designed for the corporate user who manages a group of computers in large scale corporations. PerfectDisk Command Center provides the ability to deploy, manage and configure multiple computers on networks without users needing to know how to use Active Directory or 3rd party tools.
* The goal of the Command Center is to provide the ability to manage a group of computers remotely and simultaneously. The PerfectDisk Command Center provides a single glance status summary showing any fragmentation "issues" found with your managed computers. "Issues" could be that a defrag pass has never been performed, a scheduled defragmentation pass didn't run as configured, file fragmentation is high, free space fragmentation is high, etc…
* Alerts are color identified to visually draw attention to any problems that administrators can then quickly resolve.
* Administrators can deploy and update PerfectDisk quickly and efficiently across a large number of systems. Administrators can check the status of deployment and updates at any time.
* Provides the ability to custom define groups and only see those computers that you want to manage. If you only manage 10 computers, you don't want to see 100 computers in your network.
* Provides email notification if an Alert or Warning threshold is reached. Administrators do not have to remember to check if there are issues. PerfectDisk notifies them automatically if there are any issues. This removes the checking from their daily/weekly checklist of things to do.
* For each managed computer, a connection directly to terminal service/remote desktop is provided. If there is an issue, the administrator can directly remote into that computer without having to leave the PerfectDisk Command Center. This saves time in troubleshooting.
* PerfectDisk Client statistics are accessible from the PerfectDisk Command Center, allowing administrators access to the data for reporting purposes.

New in PerfectDisk V8:
• PerfectDisk Command Center management console for deploying, configuring, scheduling, managing, and reporting on the enterprise
• Patent-pending Resource Saver(TM) technology
• Graphical displays to track performance statistics, fragmentation and drive usage over time
• Statistical displays showing the number and size of files, by file type
• Enhanced flexibility with AutoPilot Scheduling(TM)
• Screen Saver Mode (Professional version only)
• Single File Defrag
• Consolidate Free Space Defrag
• I/O throttling
• CPU throttling
• Automatic shutdown after defrag (Professional version only)
• Power management for laptop users and users connected to UPS systems.