Virtual Reality Cat

Posted By: biory

Truly magnificent!

Subtitled "the ultimate multimedia guide to the world of cats," this CD more than lives up to the term "ultimate." This is a visually stunning and heavily informative presentation. The style and set up are arranged as a museum. Users are able to "tour" the museum and browse at their leisure. The introductory tour has ninety-nine items to view and that is just a sample. The museum has three rooms: the Family room, the East room that deals with anatomy, and the West room that deals with behavior. Each display allows additional information access by clicking on terms or icons. Every type of cat is covered, from the housecat to all the wild cats. Also included are cat related items, such as the Sphinx, with appropriate explanations provided to link these items to the world of the cat.

This is a CD-ROM product only, with no accompanying materials. The program is simple and straightforward and caused no problems in operation. One of the options of movement involves a "navigator" choice. This presents a map of the entire museum with each display marked. Users only have to click on a mark and they are instantly transposed to that display. Other options include a video list and a main index that catalogs all the exhibits. There is a museum store that enables users to download pictures and sounds to the hard disk. Access to backtrack, help and the other options make this easy to use.

The clarity of the images and the colors and movement are truly magnificent. All ages would be enthralled with this CD. If there is one drawback, it is the multiplicity of choices and information. Users could become addicted to browsing the world of the cat.


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