RealProducer Plus ver.

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RealProducer Plus ver.

RealProducer Plus ver. | 11,3 Mb

RealProducer provides robust, reliable, and fault-tolerant encoding to convert a variety of media types into RealAudio and RealVideo formats.

Who uses RealProducer Plus?
Most every encoding professional who streams audio and video uses RealProducer Plus. It is used every day in mission-critical applications by content providers, network service
providers, government, education, and corporate enterprises.

What can you do with RealProducer Plus?
Below is just a sample of what you can do when RealProducer Plus.
- Live and/or simulated live video and/or audio webcasts
- On-demand audio and/or video
- Synchronized multimedia using a combination of datatypes

Unparalleled Quality — State-of-the-art video at all bit rates:
- Same quality at 30% lower bitrate than RealVideo 9
- Same quality at 80% lower bitrate than MPEG-2
- Same quality at 75% lower bitrate than HDTV
- Same quality at 45% lower bitrate than MPEG-4 (ASP)
- Same quality at 30% lower bitrate than WMV 9
- Same quality at 15% lower bitrate than H.264

I use it from time to time to convert .avi files to the smaller file size of a RMVB file.
RMVB are good for video post/downloads for people with dial-up. The quality is really
amazing compared to the smaller file size. Variable bit rate (VBR) encoding, a RMVB file,
generally provides superior video quality to constant bit rate (CBR) encoding.



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