Recovery Genius ver.6.1

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Recovery Genius 6.1 is an innovative Windows-interfaced application system, which protects your Hard Disk Drive from virus attack, accidental file deletion/overwriting, failed software installation, system corruption or crash, etc.
Recovery Genius 6.1 supports different partitions with disparate recovery types and multiple recovery points available on each partition. With Recovery Genius 6.1, your computer HD will be kept intact, with near instantaneous recovery of all protected data on one or more partitions.

The third generation of Recovery Genius V6.1 includes powerful recovery functions not only protect hard disk OS and programs but also personal data files. Install on the computer for enterprises and families, offers real-time recovery of the system and data.

- The first software on the planet which protects different partitions (C: D: E:…) on the hard disk using different protecting modes.
- Every partition can set multiple recovery protection points

Principal features:
* User-friendly Windows-style user interface requires little or no familiarization time.
* Different partitions can have disparate recovery types and recovery points.
* Supports multiple recovery points on each partition.
* Supports continuing performing storing data operations based on breakpoints after next time's restart, thus tremendously increasing your work efficiency without any data loss.
* Recovery Genius works with the following operating systems: Windows 95/98, Windows Me, Windows NT(Service Pack 4 or later) , Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.
* Its driver auto-install, ensuring that the system works in 32-bit type without in the least affecting system performance.
* Intelligent installation design is provided with two protection types available in installation settings.
* All of Recovery Genius settings can be changed at any time with no data loss.
* The PC's hard drive partitions can be arranged to allow some or no user storage. Writing to all or part of the hard drives can even be turned off completely, ideal for use at public exhibitions.
* Concurrently monitors the contents of hard disk and CMOS.
* Supports NTFS, FAT32, or FAT16 file systems.
* Supports IDE, SATA or SCSI hard disk.
* Supports hard disk larger than 120 GB.
* Supports the multiple boot startups created by using partition management tools such as Boot Genius, etc.