Registry Help Pro ver.1.20

Posted By: useros
Registry Help Pro - just with a few mouse clicks, Registry Help Pro can clean and repair your registry, speed up your computer and optimize your system. It is safe because Registry Help Pro can backup all your operations and restore any change you have done.

Registry Help Pro it allows you to scan , optimize and manage your registry.

It is reliable because Registry Help Pro can take a snapshot for your registry at any time and compare it at a later time, which ensure you keep knowing the changes in your registry and enable you to rollback the undesirable changes.

With an advanced search engine, Registry Help Pro enable you to search in your registry easily and quickly. In addition, Registry Help Pro provides ten color themes for your choice. Registry Help Pro cares not only functionality but also your individuality! Try it now, it is safe, easy and really effective!

After scanning, Registry Help Pro can detect the invalid entries of your registry including: Missing startup programs, Missing help and resorce files, Missing shared programs, Missing device drivers, Invalid software locations, Missing custom controls, Invalid Add/Remove programs, Missing sound and app events, Missing Windows fonts, and more…

By repairing these invalid entries, Registry Help Pro can not only prevent your system from possible Windows crashes and error messages, but also free more space and resource in your computer.With Registry Help Pro, you will have a clean registry and a safe, stable and faster system.

Here are some key features of "Registry Help Pro":

· Free registry scan! You can choose standard, complete or custom scan.
· Windows registry clean and repair
· Windows registry tweak list
· Advanced Registry search engine
· Advanced Registry browser and editor
· Change history is recorded by date and time
· Windows registry backup (snapshot)
· Windows registry compare and restore
· Advanced Windows registry favorite list
· Ten color themes selectable
· Automatic online update