Replay Music - streaming music recorder

Posted By: BigBrother
Unlike other recorders which just work with a few ShoutCast stations, Replay Music is the only product that works with both high quality online radio stations and popular subscription music services.
With just one click, only Replay Music can record streaming music from these popular Digital Music Services and more:

* Napster™
* Rh–––™
* Music M––™
* Yah– La––™
* Yah– Mu–- Unlimited™
* AccuRadio™
* Pandora™
* Urge™
Tags Songs Automatically

Only Replay Music can automatically tag your recorded MP3s. Using proprietary song recognition technology, Replay Music identifies each song after it's recorded, and adds the artist, song title, album and genre information to each MP3 file. Not only can you record, but now you know what you're listening to!
Precise Track Splitting

Replay Music sports the most sophisticated track splitting algorithms on the planet. Besides just recording and tagging, each MP3 file contains the entire song – no more, no less. Other recording programs may chop off the start or end of the song, or add unwanted noise. Replay Music's songs are always perfect.