Robot Millennium ver. 18.0.6

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Robot Millennium ver. 18.0.6

Robot Millennium ver. 18.0.6

Robobat are pleased to announce that they will providing much of their "ROBOT Millennium" software free of charge in the future. Registration is a simple process after which Robobat will send the user a password to use the software. ROBOT Freeware will be an “indefinite” licence and does not require any commitment from the user at any time towards Robobat Key features of ROBOT Freeware are:
• 2d frame, truss and grillage analysis of up to 3000 nodes
• 3d frame and truss analysis of up to 3000 nodes
• Section libraries and section property calculator
• FE plate and shell analysis with auto meshing – up to 50 finite elements
• Linear analysis and 1st mode dynamic analysis
• In fact ROBOT Freeware will provide a solution for the engineer to carry out the vast majority of their everyday analysis work.

Commenting on the launch of ROBOT Freeware, Gary Wyatt, International Sales & Marketing Director of Robobat, commented: "we are pleased to offer this free solution to Engineers and we know that they will make great practical use of this powerful application. When we were formulating our plans for ROBOT Freeware it was our goal to produce something highly relevant to the engineers work, not just a gimmick, a demo or short term evaluation or money refunded if not satisfied offer, but rather a real, powerful piece of software for real projects and that is what we have delivered with ROBOT Freeware. Naturally our hope is that satisfied users will then wish to explore additional aspects of ROBOT not covered by the freeware, such as advanced FE analysis, cables, Pdelta, non linear and dynamic analysis - the upgrade to the full version will be available to freeware users with an attractive pricing policy"

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