VirtGuard v2.02.12

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VirtGuard v2.02.12

VirtGuard v2.02.12 | 1.19 MB

VirtGuard is a digital video surveillance system. With the help of digital camera or any webcam and a PC, you can create an office or home security system. You can secure your business, watch over you family or even over your pets. virtual Guard detects all motion, saves images and logs events. VirtGuard has convenient interface and is easy in use.

Differential sensitivity adjustment and the visual motion monitor allow you to adjust the area and sensitivity of the motion detector flexibly and precisely.
The false alarm filter eliminates false alarms. The filter analyzes the motion detector output and generates an alarm signal in case of danger.
The images of alarm source can be saved to the local disk or to a remote FTP server.
Automatic activation allows you to activate the system for a certain period of time.
It is possible to connect an external alarm system.