Rosetta Stone Module - Welsh Level 1

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Rosetta Stone Module - Welsh Level 1. (Units 1-8)
When you're choosing a language-learning program, the only important question is whether it works. That's why we developed Dynamic Immersion™, our award-winning method for teaching new languages the same way you learned your native language.
Studies show that learning exclusively in the new language-without translation as a crutch-is crucial if you want to communicate. Grammar drills and rote memorization never develop this skill. Dynamic Immersion helps you think in the new language and quickly develops the language skills and structures you need to for everyday communication.
With up to 250 hours of instruction, Level 1 provides 92 lessons of mastery learning in each of the four key language skills:Listening Rosetta Stone uses native speakers and everyday language to develop your understanding of the spoken language naturally and easily.
Speaking Speech recognition records, diagrams and compares your voice to the native speaker, evaluating all aspects of your pronunciation.
Reading Text exercises develop your reading skills by linking written language to real-life objects, actions and ideas.
Writing Dictation exercises check your spelling, syntax and punctuation.
Rosetta Stone teaches you step by step from the very beginning; immediate feedback tells you how you're doing. Every lesson gives you previews, exercises and tests for useful, everyday language, in categories such as:
* People and Talking
* Directions: How do I get to...
* Food, Eating and Drinking
* Family Relationships
* Telling Time
# Numbers to One Hundred
# Clothing and Dress
# Vehicles, Furniture and Instruments
# Shapes, Colors and Location
# And Much More...
Your language-learning solution comes complete with a Curriculum Text covering all the language in Level 1 & 2.

The 28 Languages & Levels (source:
*Arabic 1 & 2.*Chinese (Mandarin) 1 & 2.*Danish 1.
*Dutch 1 & 2.*English (UK) 1 & 2.*English (US) 1, 2 & 3.
*French 1 & 2.*German 1 & 2.*Greek 1 & 2.*Hebrew 1.
*Hindi 1.*Indonesian 1.*Italian 1 & 2.*Japanese 1 & 2.
*Korean 1.*Latin 1.*Pashto 1.*Polish 1.
*Portuguese (BR)1 & 2.*Russian 1 & 2
*Spanish (Latin America) 1, 2 & 3.
*Spanish (Spain) 1 & 2.*Swahili 1.*Swedish 1.*Thai 1.
*Turkisk 1.*Vietnamese 1.*Welsh 1.

*Italian Level 1 & 2* Reupload
*Vietnamese Level I*
*Chinese (Mandarin) Level 1 & 2*