Rybka 2.1c UCI Chess Engine FULL

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Rybka is a chess engine - more precisly an UCI engine - and the strongest chess engine available. 3000+ ELO rating. You must install it in a chess graphical user interface of your choice and purchase Rybka. Then you have with Rybka the strongest chess software working on your PC and with the best UCI chess engine you have the most powerful software for analyzing chess games.
How can I use this engine? You must install it in a chess graphical user interface of your choice. If you are not familiar with this procedure, please follow our Rybka installation instructions. What version of the engine is Rybka 1.0 Beta? Rybka 1.0 Beta is an older release of the Rybka engine, dated December 5, 2005. It has been widely tested - you will find it on many computer chess rating lists, and it even saw action at the IPCCC in Paderborn at the end of December 2005. Why should I update to the commercial version? The commercial Rybka version includes my full-time development work on the engine since the release of
Rybka 1.0 Beta. The following is a brief overview of the improvements as of March 15, 2006:

1) More efficient strongest UCI chess engine search software:
2) Improved chess endgame engine heuristics:
3) Improved chess knowledge about UCI transitions to the endgame:
4) Additional middlegame heuristics software:
5) A number of improved chess analysis features, including software multi-variation mode engine and tablebase support:
6) Various engine software bug and software stability fixes:
7) Inclusion of best commercial Rybka chess opening book for engines (by Jeroen Noomen):
The following chess improvements are still planned as part of Rybkachess 1 engine::
1) Full support for the chess UCI & UCI2 engine strongest protocol software:
2) Further improvements in UCI chess analysis software features:
3) Further improvements to best search & UCI evaluation (and therefore strength of UCI chess engine):
4) Inevitably, some more software bug fixes: