SafePDF 1.0.6 Beta [updated FAST version]

Posted By: Blyxnis
06-08-2005 / 22:27 all announced interesting problem about PDF files we use: Remote Approach JavaScript Spy Module in PDF files

Shortly: the problem is (was!) that book authors or distributors can collect information about how many times pdf book was used. And what is more, script inside the pdf sends information about place where those books are in hdd, readers IP and sets cookie for further spying.

So I decided to put a period for such pdf spy agency.
My little present for community:

UPDATED fast version!

With SafePDF you can easily analyse any pdf and shut off scripts inside the file before it even starts. A program analysis content of pdf file without real opening it and gives opportunity to disable suspicious scripts. After that you can safely use pdf file with any favorite pdf reader with no fear to lose any personal data.

Thanks all for annoucing and giving pdf samples.

Sorry about humble design, the goal was to make as soon as possible and let perfection for a future.
Last two days i`ve spent to make analysis much faster. And now it works really fast! Hope to find some free time to finish some new additional options this week. I`ve included little self update module, so it`s reasonable sometimes to check that :)

Program tested on WinXP with all spying pdfs i`v got from all.
If there will be any ideas to make program better please let me know.

UPDATED Download ( ~0,2MB ) SafePDF 1.0.6 Beta


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