Scan Font 3.13 - draw your own font, scan it and make a real font

Posted By: BigBrother
Scan Font - программа для сканирования ваших шрифтов, нарисованных или понравившихся из книги, и перевода их в настоящий компьютерный шрифт. И не только шрифтов.

With ScanFont, you can turn graphics into fonts. Any bitmap image or outline illustration can be quickly converted into a fully-workable font.
ScanFont 3 for Windows is a stand-alone application that supports bitmap graphics.
Convert obsolete format fonts to Adobe Type 1 or TrueType format

Add your signature to a font
Make a font of your (or your significant other's, or your client's) handwriting
Put any line drawing you can scan into a font
onvert old print lettering or letterhead into modern electronic format
Put your company logo into a font
Create clipart fonts

Version 3 for Windows does not support outline formats