SmartCode VNC Manager Enterprise

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SmartCode VNC Manager Enterprise

SmartCode VNC Manager Enterprise

SmartCode VNC Manager Enterprise | 12,5 Mb

SmartCode VNC Manager Enterprise Edition - is an remote administration and monitoring software application for business and home network environments. It is typically used for remote network management, remote system administration, and in helpdesk environments. It allows you to take remote control of any computer running VNC, Windows Terminal Servers, or Microsoft Virtual Server 2005.
It can control both VNC and RDP servers from the unified GUI and does not require external VNC viewer to be installed. Thumbnail view allows viewing of remote screens as thumbnails. Just like the Windows Explorer thumbnails view mode, VNC deployment wizard allows installing VNC server to any Windows NT based computer. You can reset remote VNC server password. Network administrator can reboot or shutdown remote computer.

Enhanced RDP Support - Increasing support for the Remote Desktop Protocol, SmartCode VNC Manager allows IT managers to identify all Terminal Service and Windows XP machines with RDP enabled. This can saves customers valuable time when incorporating their clients into VNC Manager. It also enables management of Terminal Server licenses to help users maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.
More Security With SSH Tunneling Support - SmartCode VNC Manager now supports SSH tunneling on both VNC and RDP connections, which helps encrypt network traffic reducing the ability of sniffers to capture sensitive data.
Inventory Remote Computers - With version 3.5, managers can now gain critical insight into remote computer information to enhance support capabilities. Some of the vital details offered by the VNC Manager consoles include the processor speed, amount of RAM, the current logged in user, and which operating system they are using.
Usability Improvements - New usability enhancements make it even easier to navigate through VNC Manager. Dynamic Search Folders allows users to automatically discover RDP and VNC servers based on customized criteria. The network neighborhood allows you to see which servers have VNC or RDP installed. Along with RealVNC and TightVNC flavors you can now deploy UltraVNC through the Deployment Wizard. Central management is also improved with the additional capability of setting remote registry entries.
The new Remote Exec allows you to execute commands, cmd, vbscripts, and javascripts on a remote computer without leaving your workplace. This can be useful in the case of an operating system patch installation or execution of the diagnostic tools.
Increased Security - SmartCode VNC Manager 3.5 includes UltraVNC MSRC4 DSM plug-in support. UltraVNC MSRC4 DSM uses 128bit RC4 encryption.
New Backup Manager - SmartCode VNC Manager now includes a Backup Manager that makes it easy to backup and restore your SmartCode VNC Manager configuration files.
What's New In Version
- Computers Registration Wizard allows mass register Active Directory, Workgroup computers or by importing comma/tab separated addresses lists from plain text files.
- Remote Task Manager provides information about programs and processes running on local or remote computer.
- Installed Software Manager allows to view and to uninstall software installed on remote computers.
- Remote Exec executes commands, cmd, vbscripts and javascripts on remote computer.
- Integrated Virtual Machine Remote Control Client with SSH tunneling support.
- While previous versions supported scanning for VNC and RDP servers, v.3.5 includes the ability to scan for computers responding to a ping command.
- UltraVNC v1.0.2 NTLM authentication v2 support.
- UltraVNC MSRC4 DSM plug-in support.
- Enhanced Active Directory integration features.
- VNC Manager configuration Backup Manager - backups, restores the VNC Manager configuration files.
- Ported to .Net 2.0 framework.
- Over 30 minor enhancements and bug fixes.

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