Selteco Bannershop GIF Animator v5.0.62

Posted By: quil__23

Build eye-catching banners without spending a lot of money for hi-end image processor. Bannershop™ GIF Animator offers excellent value for your money, upon purchase you are entitled to unlimited future upgrades. You can also download animation extensions at no extra charge.
Impress with excellent quality!
Poor graphics can discourage your visitors. Bannershop™ GIF Animator provides 32-bit image quality. Your artwork can be saved and restored with original bitmaps and anti-aliased texts. See example.
Create optimized graphics!
Your animations will download faster and will display quicker on visitor's screen. Bannershop™ GIF Animator optimization engine is unbeatable!
Learn necessary HTML!
Bannershop™ GIF Animator creates HTML code necessary to include your banner in your Web page. It can also save entire HTML page, so you won't waste your time typing down IMG tags. By the way you can also learn some HTML.
Our expertise on your side!
Upon purchase you are also entitled to free technical support. Our knowledge will help you solve your banner design problems. Just email us, the answer is right there.

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