Silo 1.41 - 3D modeller only - the great companion to zBrush

Posted By: real_ratibor
Недавно, откоментировав новость по zBrush, я получил просьбу зааплодить по возможности упоминавшуюся мной софтину. Что сейчас с удовольствием и делаю.

Silo 1.41 for Windows

Recently, after commenting the post of zBrush, I've been asked to uplode the noticed software. What was done right now with all my pleasure.

Хочется отметить, что я выкладываю эту программу исключительно в целях ознакомления. Единственное - на мой взгляд срок в 30 триальных дней несколько маловат, потому в архиве находится и пилюля. Если вам действительно понравится этот моделлер, он не так дорог, чтобы его нельзя было себе позволить, если вы понимаете, о чем я. В противном случае, удалите программу с диска после того, как вы закончите с ней знакомиться. %)

На офсайте есть также демоверсия и для макинтоша, я ей пользуюсь уже 3-й месяц в целях самообучения... (И проблема решается крайне легко, хотя окно с предложением зарегистрироваться никуда не исчезает.)

This software was uploaded only for testing purposes. Please, delete it from your pc if you are not going to purchase it after YOUR trial perid is over.

The demo version for mac is also available for downloading from offsite. (If you seek you will find out how to test it a bit longer...)

New Features for 1.4

Silo 1.4 includes a host of new features to increase modeling efficiency as well as the elusive "enjoyment" factor.

Selection Highlighting
Selection highlighting, when enabled, will highlight the component under or closest to your mouse pointer before you click on it. This allows you to see what will be selected before you click while also allowing you to perform many operations without ever clicking, since many operations will work on the highlighted vertex, edge, or face. professional modelers know that small enhancements like this can make a huge difference in your modeling workflow.

Snapping Manipulator
Silo's new snapping manipulator, in one simple tool, lets you perform operations that require several separate commands in other applications. Use it to constrain one object to the surface of another, for example when placing several trees over the surface of a hill. Or use it to drag new topology lines created with the topology brush over the surface of the underlying hi-resolution mesh. You can also use it to snap vertices to face centers, or faces to edges, or edges to vertices. Use it to snap align components in only the x, y, or z component. It's versatile!

Improved Topology Brush
Silo's ground-breaking topology brush has been given drastically improved algorithms that make it much more effective in generating accurate meshes than in Silo 1.3. The topology brush is being used now to create character models from actor face scans in high-profile movies, but its uses are unlimited.

Streamlined Tools
Many of the existing tools in Silo have been extended and streamlined for version 1.4. The Split Face Loop command has been generalized into the Split Loop command, which allows you to split face loops, edge rings, and edge loops all with one command. The Merge Vertices command has been expanded to collapse edge and face selections. Bevel now works on vertices as well as edges and faces.