Sinner XorIt ver. 1.03 BETA

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Sinner XorIt ver. 1.03 BETA

Well now... As you can see it is BETA. Nevertheless the idea behind the encryption implementation in this product seemed soo fascinating, that I thought it to be a good idea to share it here too, especially when data security is always to be treated duly. And sometimes good things come in small packages too ;-)

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Most file encryptors use methods that rely on the time taken in guessing the key number. Providing the key length is 128 bits or greater this method works well... for now. XorIt uses a variant of Vernam encryption that can have keys the same size as the file to be encrypted. Thus, if you are encrypting a 5MB file, then you can have a 40 Million bit key! This is virtually unbreakable by any computer, especially when you consider that the file must also be checked with each combination to see if it is decrypted. Furthermore, the key file can be anything - a program, a swap file, an image of your cat or even a music file.