SkyOS v5.0.6573 BETA ISO

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SkyOS v5.0.6573 BETA ISO

SkyOS v5.0.6573 BETA ISO | 420 MB

SkyOS is an operating system written from scratch for x86 PC's. As required for a modern operating system, it supports features like multiprocessor support (SMP), virtual memory, memory protection, multitasking, and threading.

The native filesystem used in SkyOS is SkyFS. This 64-bit journaled filesystem supports modern features like attributes, indexes, and queries. To access other operating systems' native filesystems, SkyOS comes with FAT12/16/32, BFS (BeOS), Ext2/Ext3 and ISO9660 (CD-ROM) filesystem drivers.

Internationalization, Localization and Translation
- The entire SkyOS GUI and core system supports UTF8. From the time you press a key on the keyboad (UTF8), to the final step (rendering UNICODE TrueType characters), all text and characters are handled in UTF8. Because of this you can type and view text in any language, such as English, German or even Chinese. A built-in translation system makes it possible to translate applications very easily to other languages. Language switching works "on the fly". This means that immediately after you change the language settings, all applications are switched to this language. The primary language for the SkyOS GUI and native applications is English. Out of the box, the GUI and most applications have a German translation as well. The GUI and a few appliations are available in Afrikaans, Arabic, Catalan, Czech, Danish, Dutch, German, English, Spanish, Estonian, France, Hungarian, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portugues (BR), Russian, Swedish, Tagalog, Turkish.

New C++ API
- For the first time the SkyOS C++ API is now available including a SDK and documentation.

Default HTML rendering engine
- A while ago a proof-of-concept port of WebCore has been implemented for SkyOS. For the new C++ API a HTML rendering engine depending decision had to be made. While implementing the new API there was the chance to evaluate the different available HTML rendering engines. Focus has been on WebCore and Gecko, using following priorities:
- Render quality
- System integration
- Performance
- Support and maintenance
- etc.

After extensive testing it was clear that we will use the Gecko Rendering Engine again. It is very feature complete, easy to integrate, powerful and already very well tested on SkyOS. Expect the new GeckoView Window Class soon.

Hardware support
- ACPI support has been added as well as ACPI Power Button drivers.
- Support for 45 more ATA/SATA chipsets.

- Many kernel updates like LDT support (required by Wine), updated signal handling, pthread support, and overall additional POSIX compatibility enhancements.
- New services to handle ACPI requests like Power-Off-Button.
- BranchFS
- An AGG Painter device to easily make use of optional Anti Grain Geometry library Software
- A few applications like SkyPad, Task Manager have been rewritten using the new C++ API
- SpellChecker service
- Registrar service
- New Desktop using C++ API
- Initial support for GNU classpath, Kaffe and Wine
- A lof of new/update factory recipes for most recent software
- Many libraries/ports updated to new version
- Support for additional audio/video codec for MediaCenter/ISS
- New wallpapers