Smart Keystroke Recorder Pro Edition

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Smart Keystroke Recorder Pro Edition

Smart Keystroke Recorder Pro Edition | 2 Mb

Smart Keystroke Recorder is an advanced surveillance tool that is powerful, yet easy to use. It allows you to stealthily find out and investigate everything that happens on your PC when you're not there. All you have to do is to install it and it will do the rest. It's that easy!
- Easy to use - just install and let it do the rest.
- Invisible keylogger - absolutely undetectable.
- Monitors Internet activity.
- Online chat logging - AOL, MSN, Yahoo and ICQ sessions.
- Password logging - captures every password, even those behind asterisks.

The PRO version combines powerful monitoring features with ease of use:
vista logoVisual surveillance - screenshots with quality and timeperiod settings.
Password protected - accessible only to you.
Remote monitoring - delivers the log to you by e-mail.

The PRO version comes equipped with a number of useful features, like the excellent visual surveillance techniques that allow screen capture. You can remote monitor the user activity by e-mail sent in stealth mode. It also secretly monitors opened applications and windows. In the settings dialog you will be able to enter your password, so the program can be started only with this password.

Powerful, undetectable, and easy to use

Smart Keystroke Recorder has been developed using the most advanced surveillance technology available. It is an intelligent and powerful invisible keylogger that is very easy to use both for beginners and the computer savvy alike. It will invisibly auto-run at startup, and you can use the hot keys at any time to bring up the application to change the password or to disable the device.

A stealth keylogger that will monitor all Internet activity on your computer in absolute secrecy, it is completely invisible in any Windows application, task manager, systems tray or uninstall list. It is absolutely hidden in the startup list as well. Do you think you need to confirm whether any of your doubts or concerns about your family and employees are justified? This program can give you the answers.

It can protect your children from the dangers of the virtual world, help to manage your office effectively or show you how to catch a cheating spouse. This superb stealth keylogger will not only confirm your doubts, but will provide the irrefutable evidence you need by capturing all Internet activity in the easy to use log, accessible only to you, sent to you by e-mail in complete secrecy.