Snappy Fax Network Server ver.

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Snappy Fax Network Server ver.
Snappy Fax Network Server ver. | 6.57 Mb | Windows OS

Your salesmen are on the road and need to fax orders or reports from their laptop. What do they do ? Well, traditionally where fax is a must, a trip to the hotel office fax machine with a printed copy would be in order.
Not with Remote Assistant and Remote Submit ! With these two companion products, you can use Snappy Fax Network server to send the fax as simply as you can check or send email with your laptop.
Remote Assistant runs quietly in the background alongside the fax server. It checks for incoming fax requests sent by Remote Submit. It validates the information, submits the fax job to the fax server and then notifies the submitter when the job is processed. An added benefit is that snappy fax, running on the desktop back at the office, will have a record of the fax in it's database once the status of server jobs is updated, no worry about copying any files from the laptop back to the office desktop.
Remote Assistant can also send incoming fax data and images to a web server so they can be viewed remotely from a web browser(click here to see a small sample). If your travelling personnel need access to incoming faxes this is the ideal solution. Remote Assistant will generate html reports, covert images to PDF format and automatically send to the web server as updates are needed. In addition, it will notify contacts when the online data has been updated. Use of PDF format makes viewing and printing incoming fax images extremely easy, all that is required is the free Adobe Acrobat Reader on the remote computer.
If you have personnel that travel frequently and fax communications is critical to your business, Remote Assistant and Remote Submit are a must.
Remote Submit handles the task of preparing fax jobs for submission to Remote Assistant. With Remote Submit installed on your laptop, sending a fax job to the server is as simple as sending an email message with a file attachment.