Snappy Text Me ver.

Posted By: mpe38
Snappy Text Me ver.

Text Me ! easily handles this chore and many others as well. I wish I had thought of it a looooong time ago !"…..John Taylor
Born out of necessity, Text Me! has thousands of uses. If you need a tool that can, with a few keystrokes, fill any Windows edit control with text Text Me! is for you. Text Me! does not use the Windows clipboard, is capable of saving an unlimited number of text records, can translate or expand built-in or user defined tokens into text and paste it immediately into the desired edit control. Whether it's an email reply, Excel spreadsheet, Word document, web page form, programming tool code editor, whatever - Text Me! will save you thousands of key strokes.
Text Me! sits quitely in the background, evidenced only by its tray icon until you need it. Press the hot key and it activates itself. With a few keystrokes, you can easily find the text record you need and just press enter and the text is typed into the target edit control. In addition, you can select a text or rtf file and insert that as well.
Set up custom translaton tokens to expand into any number of characters, there's no limit to the number of custom (user defined) translation tokens that can be defined.
Creating new text records is easy too, you can load text for newly defined records from text or rtf files or paste from the clipboard.
You'll be familiar right away with the folder oriented database, much like Windows Explorer but much easier to navigate.