SocketShield v1.0.1

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SocketShield v1.0.1

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It seems that a day doesn't go by without another dozen or more vulnerabilities being announced that cyber-criminals will be exploiting in no time. Firewalls don't see these exploits because they use trusted browser connections. Anti-virus and anti-spyware programs only detect exploits after the damage has been done. A new approach is needed.

SocketShield is the world's first dedicated zero-day exploit blocker. Using a unique combination of research technologies, a deep understanding of anti-malware techniques, and skilled coding, the software is able to block exploits from entering your computer, regardless of how long it takes for the vendors of vulnerable applications to issue patches - or how long it takes for you to install those patches.

As the name implies, SocketShield works at the socket level. Sockets are the points of entry used by your computer to allow programs to be downloaded from the web and other sources; these sockets can be opened and closed to enable or prevent downloads. SocketShield uses the knowledge gained through its multiple research channels to determine whether any download is an exploit and to close any socket that a known or suspected exploit is attempting to use.

Exploit Prevention Labs' patent-pending Intelligence Network brings together a unique combination of research techniques:

-Exploit Intelligence is an extended network of human researchers and automated probes, honeypots, "hunting pots," and search bots focused on discovering new vulnerabilities and exploit examples.

-The Reputation Filter is proprietary technology that creates a filter for known and suspected exploit distributor sites.

-Community Intelligence is the community of SocketShield users who allow information about attempted exploitation of their computers to be transferred to Exploit Prevention Labs as part of the Intelligence Network.

-The Correlation Engine aggregates the intelligence gathered from the above sources, assembles it in real time and distributes it back to the SocketShield user community.

-Using this approach, every SocketShield user is protected within minutes of an exploit being discovered.