SourcePublisher for C Plus Plus v1.4.319

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SourcePublisher publishes your code, and information about it, to detailed Adobe Acrobat PDF or HTML reports. The resulting PDF, when printed, is a very useful tool when reviewing code alone or in groups. Interactively both the PDF and HTML output offers quick, intuitive browsing of the code, with information about where you are visiting shown in separate frames. The source code is syntax/keyword colorized and structure bars also help you easily separate nested constructs.

SourcePublisher for C Plus Plus v1.4.319 | 9,84 Mb

Bring CodeReview PDF printouts to your next code walk through

SourcePublisher includes technology we call "CodeReview". CodeReview generates very handy and informative printouts that make reviewing code much easier and faster.

The printouts include colorized source printouts, are indexed completely, and provide footnotes for each used object telling you where in the printout you can find more information about it.

HTML Output for Easy Sharing and Browsing

SourcePublisher generated reports (documentation) show you Class Hierarchies (inheritance and base classes), Call and CallBy Trees, Include and Include By Trees, as well as a cross-reference showing where and how everything in your C++ source was used. The source may be searched, with results found quickly even when the output is published to a remote web server.

Output may be published to your local network server for file based browsing, to a web server for HTTP server based browsing, or to a CD-ROM for off-line browsing/archival documentation. No fees or royalties are charged for the output - it is yours to share.

Browse Sample Output

We've run SourcePublisher C++ on many millions of lines of code. Here we have published source for a few of the open source projects whose source code we grabbed off the Internet:
Astyle - 3000 lines of C++ Code implementing a C++ indent reformatter.
Httpchat - 36,000 lines of C Code implementing an HTTP server.

Apache - 93,000 lines of C code implementing the most widely used web server on the net. This example shows how you can provide your own "starting" page for SourcePublisher C++output.

Licq - 40,000 lines of C++ code that implements a Linux clone of ICQ. This example shows how a URL can be used to provide a dynamic home page.

Groff - 68,000 lines of mix C/C++ code that implements the GNU groff text processing/formatting system.

These examples comprise about 240,000 lines of C/C++ code. Analysis/publishing takes less than 10 minutes for the entire body of code. Although this can be done from the SourcePublisher C++ GUI, we do these from simple scripts so as to make keeping the examples up to date easy.

See more on developers site.

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