Spectralive v2.0

Posted By: hotgirl

The Spectralive process is a novel and proprietary approach to
facilitating Mixing and Mastering of music for professional and
“commercial” quality results.

Spectralive uses a considerably different method to achieve it’s
pleasing (sonically correct, phase-accurate) and fresh sound in
an unexpected way when compared with other products such as enharmonic
exciters, enhancers, analog tube simulators. Spectralive does not add
any artificial harmonics or overtone content thereby eliminating the
inherent “hiss” introduced by other exciter and enhancer type effects.
There are a number of ways in which we can describe the effect of
Spectralive and some of them would be Vitality (this we believe is
the primary description), Warmth, Better stereo coherence, Less phase
distortion, reduction of frequency masking, extra sparkle, more presence,
greatly improved spectral definition and less Harmonic distortion.