SpeedConnectXP Internet Accelerator® v.6.5

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SpeedConnectXP Internet Accelerator® v.6.5

SpeedConnectXP Internet Accelerator® v.6.5
For Windows® Vista™, XP and 2000 | RAR 2 MB | Eng

SpeedConnect is our popular awards winner network optimizer software product, a top internet accelerator software since 1998, since first version was released. After 9 years of continuous updates and improvements, you can download now the best version ever. The latest version was completely rewritten using .NET technology, to optimize connections for computers running Windows XP/Vista operating system. With several network settings added and its improved optimization performance. SpeedConnect is the EASY, FAST and SAFE was to speed up your internet connection.

What is SpeedConnect ?
SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator is a powerful software application designed to calculate, optimize and apply several network related parameters in order to prevent data fragmentation and to improve the data throughput. This translates into a faster internet connection, faster browsing, faster download, faster email and faster online gaming.

SpeedConnect prevents fragmentation in data transfer using the TCP/IP protocols used on the Internet, greatly increasing the connection throughput and the download/upload speeds (Kbps).

How It Works ?
Because Windows default network settings have general values and are not optimized for a specific internet connection type, SpeedConnect software calculates, optimize and safelly change several network related settings to known optimized values, in a recursive process, until it discovers the best settings for your specific connection. Basically, SpeedConnect applies optimized network settings values which will prevent the data packets fragmentation and will speed up your connection. All this translates into faster web browsing, faster e-mail, faster downloads and improved overall Internet performance.