Spell It Deluxe (a classic)

Posted By: biory

Spell It Deluxe (a classic). The Complete Spelling Program. With Spell It Deluxe, you'll have fun while you learn the basic rules of spelling, master commonly misspelled words, and practice proofreading sentences. Bayou Billy, the best-spelling frog in the swamp, will lead you through five exciting activities where you will:

• Review word lists
• Identify correct spellings
• Work crossword puzzles
• Edit misspellings
• Fill in missing letters
• Test your skill with a virtual spelling bee


• Over 4,000 words divided into six levels of difficulty
• Built-in speech reads each word aloud
• Easy-to-use editor allows you to create customized lists
• Dictated spelling test works like a live spelling bee
• Dazzling graphics and exciting sound effects
• Foreign language characters for Spanish, French, German, and Italian
• Printable word lists, word search puzzles, crossword puzzles and certificates
• Record keeping to track progress