SQLFront v3.2 build 14.11

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SQLFront v3.2 build 14.11

SQLFront v3.2 build 14.11| 2.22 MB

MySQL-Front is an easy to use, compact, and very fast graphical tool to manage your MySQL database - from anywhere in the world.

The program makes it possible to perform all essential administration tasks such as create/change data structures, viewing / creating data, and direct execution of SQL commands easily and comfortably with the look and feel of Microsoft Windows.

High-Degree of Compatibility:
· Supports MySQL databases starting with version 3.23

· Supports all commonly used MySQL table and column types

· Direct database access without using the MySQL DLL to reduce installing and connecting problems.

· If desired, use of the MySQL DLL to access the database and thus compatible with future versions

· If the ISP prohibits external access to the database, use a PHP tunnel to still access the database

· Use of numerous Windows API functions to ensure compatibility with future Windows versions

· Full Drag&Drop and Copy&Paste support

Ease of Use:
· Windows-conformant use of all elements

· Clearly structured menu prompts

· Efficient use either via keyboard or with mouse only

· Data structure depiction same as in Windows Explorer

· Interactive dialogs to edit the entiered data structures

· Data depiction with data grid same as in MS Excel

· Detailed manual

· Very fast because of efficient programming and using the MySQL "Multi Statement Support".

Individual Configuration:
· Language settings (more than 30 languages available, unicode supported)

· Design settings

· Various options to configure the database linkage

· Numerous program use settings

· Syntax highlighting with individual colors

Standard Database Editing:
· Create, change and delete databases, tables, views, procedures, functions, events, triggers, indices, fields and foreign keys

· Create, change and delete data incl. Memo / BLOB using a HEX editor

· Display graphics in BLOB data (BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG and RTF)

· Full Unicode support for data and identifiers

· Table partitioning support

Data / Data Structure Import:
· SQL File

· Text File (CSV format)

· MS Access File

· MS Excel File

· ODBC (Open Database Connector)

Data / Data Structure Export:
· SQL File

· Text File (CSV format)

· HTML File

· XML File

· MS Excel File

Enhanced Database Manipulations:
· Detailed Search inside whole table(s) / database(s) with regular expressions

· Fast Search&Replace inside whole table(s) / database(s)

· Whole database / table transfer between two different servers

· Easy Synchronisation between two databases / tables

Database Administration:
· Overview and ending of single processes and the entiered server

· Detailed server status overview

· Configuration of server variables

· Highly individualized user rights administration

· Security settings on host level

· Table maintenance support (check, analyze, optimize and repair)

· Showing error log

Efficient Troubleshooting:
· Distinct filtering and data sorting functions

· Logging of SQL queries sent to the database

· Display of source code of databases, tables, views, users, routines, events and trigger

· Printout of data, data structure and source code highlighting

· Management of user-defined SQL scripts

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