SQL Server Backup ver.

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SQL Server Backup ver.

SQL Server Backup ver. | 4,3 MB

Why should I backup SQL Server database?

# User incorrectly modify or destroy data If a user incorrectly modify or destroy data within the database, the DBA must be perform a recovery and restore the database to the state it was in prior to the user error occurring. You need to backup sql server database periodically to protect your data.
# Media Failure If one or more drives used by the database fail , the DBA should restore the database and move its releated files to another driver or a new disk .
# Catastrophic event A major event destroys the data center .
The DBA will be responsible for protecting the data from these events and restoring and recovering the databases if such an event occurs. Backup ms sql server is an important way to protect core data of a company .

Key Features of SQL Server Backup software

# Verify backup set after job
# Do database consistency check before & after job
# Multi SQL Server instances backup supports.
# Restore database to point of failure
# Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 , 2000 , 2005 , SQL Server 2005 Express , MSDE , WMSDE supports.
# Restore database to a point in time
# Supports SQL Server database full backup and differential backup ,transaction log backup.
# Data compression supports
# AES encryption supports
# Backup SQL Server database to local harddisk , USB removable disk or Remote network driver ect
# Online backup of MS SQL Server databases without interrupting running MS SQL Server services
# Multi-task run on the same time
# Job running methods: demand and schedule
# Detail working log records
# Email notify after backup sql server