Squiggle v6.0.5

Posted By: Alexpal
Squiggle v6.0.5

Squiggle v6.0.5 | 11,85 Mb

Squiggle reads each file and allows the user to vary the width and/or color of each of up to 255 lines/pens and then to apply an unlimited number of "hand-drawn" styles to each line. Users can choose from 7 preset styles that range from "carefully sketched with a drafting pen" to "scribbled on the back of a napkin" and an unlimited number of easy-to-create custom styles.
Each line is Squiggled independently and results are not precisely predictable–just like the human hand! Squiggle even lets you combine different Squiggle styles in one image. You control which "pens" get squiggled. Squiggled drawings can be sent to any Windows system printer, copied to the Windows Clipboard, or exported as raster, vector or pdf files for import into other applications.

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