PCPrivacySoftware Spam Sweeper v3.4

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PCPrivacySoftware Spam Sweeper v3.4

PCPrivacySoftware Spam Sweeper v3.4

PCPrivacySoftware Spam Sweeper v3.4 | 1.12 Mb
Filter for spam and viruses

This software scans your e-mail account and moves all junk mail (spam, adult content offers, chain letters, jokes, image files, e-mail worms and viruses, harassment and threats, e-mail bombs, etc) to a special folder and remove it before entering your Inbox.
Spam Sweeper compares your incoming messages to a huge database of existing junk e-mails (keyword, subject, header, sender blacklist, country, attachment, etc) to find if there is a positive match. Click here to see a screenshot preview of the software.

Spam Sweeper does not download the entire message. It is much quicker than using your normal e-mail program which will have to retrieve the entire message including any attachments. This method significantly decreases the amount of bandwidth you use to download e-mail up to 80%. Just install it and you can finally maximize your enjoyment of e-mail communications without ever having to worry about those mindless, time wasting, irritating spam e-mail.




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