Stardraw Lighting 2D 2007.

Posted By: t0t0x
Stardraw Lighting 2D 2007.

Stardraw Lighting 2D 2007. | 59,6 MB

This application is the fastest and easiest way to create lighting plots in 2D. It includes a huge symbols library and is fully AutoCAD compatible.

Stardraw Lighting 2D 2007 is the new choice for professional lighting designers:

* So easy, even a salesman can use it.
* So powerful, even an engineer will love it.
* So fast, professional designs take minutes, not hours.
* So professional, your customers will demand it.


* Over 11,000 high quality symbols
* Advanced reporting using MS Excel
* Read write and edit all 2D DWG and DXF files
* All the tools you need, no other design software required
* Front, side, plan and stencil views
* Data source connectivity
* Unlimited layers
* Full support of OLE and drag and drop
* Context-sensitive help
* Comprehensive tutorials
* Unlimited undo/redo
* Built for Windows XP and Vista.
* MS Office look and feel
* No special hardware required