Startup Faster v2.5.5 build 2644

Posted By: Vegas
Startup Faster v2.5.5 build 2644

Startup Faster v2.5.5 build 2644
Windows | 4 Mb | English

Make your computer boot faster than ever!
Your computer is getting slower and slower?
Your Windows spends more and more time on loading?
Hear loud noise of hard disk when booting Windows?
Startup Faster! 2004 - Can make your windows startup faster than ever!

Startup Faster! 2004 is a revolutionary tool to make your computer startup much faster than ever while protecting your hard disk from sudden failure.
You can enjoy more than 500% speed up with out any configuration.

What benefits can I get from Startup Faster! 2004?
As you may know, Windows runs various programs upon startup.
Though many of these programs are necessary, sometimes programs are added to your startup list without your knowledge.
The excess of programs (sometimes more than 30) upon startup creates a very long loading period-even on a fast computer!
This problem has existed since Windows 3.1, but Microsoft hasn’t solved the problem, even though many users have complained about the long loading period, the noise from the hard drive, and the fact that you can’t even do anything when Windows is loading the “startup programs” in you “Startup” groups and registries.

The reason for the slow startup is that Windows loads all the programs one time-meaning that 20-30 programs are running at the same time! That’s why your top-speed computer appears very slow.