Starry Night Pro Version 5.0

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Starry Night Pro Version 5.0

Starry Night Pro Version 5.0 | ~ 1 Gb

Dive into the Universe!

Immerse yourself in the wonders of the universe. Over 100 interactive, multimedia tours reveal the fascinating science and history of stars. An elegant, easy-to-use interface lets you quickly tap into a new and improved suite of features. All the tools you need are at your fingertips. Powerful and fast, this program is a feast for your senses and fuel for your imagination.

Explore these great features -

Spaceship Mode: Galaxies

Escape the Milky Way. Pilot your own spaceship to explore 700 million light years of space.

Ephemeris Generator

Easily observe Mars in the field using data from the built-in Ephemeris Generator.

SkyGuide: Large Magellanic Cloud

Select from dozen of deep sky databases for the celestial objects and galaxies you want to explore.

LiveSky Panel

Get the most up-to-date images of the Sun and the Earth using the exclusive link.

Graph Tool

Use the Graph Tool to plot Saturn and its moons. Quickly find out the best time to see the moons and on which side of the planet they will be.

New Features:

# SkyCalendar seamlessly integrated with observation planner and logs
# PGC catalog with 980,000 galaxies
# New high-precision satellite tracking
# Over 100 multimedia tours to deepen explorations and understanding of the universe
# Built-in Ephemeris Generator
# New, high-resolution constellation illustrations and panoramas to enjoy
# Joystick-supported spaceship mode to maneuver around the Universe

Other Features:

# Control most popular brands of computerized telescopes
# Explore over 16 million stars and 1 million galaxies objects with online link to 500 million stars
# Plan a night under the stars with the observational planner
# Store comments and images on individual targets in observation logs
# Customize field-of-view indicators to match your eyepieces stored in the equipment list
# See the sky from any location in the universe up to 700 million light years away
# Print full sky (180-degree) star charts of any area in the sky
# Receive automatic updates of new discoveries and orbital data of satellites, comets and asteroids

To run Starry Night™ Pro version 5.0 you need:
# Windows™: Requires Windows XP, 500 MHz or higher processor, 128 MB RAM and 500MB of hard disk space. OpenGL® support requires a 32 MB OpenGL® capable graphics card. Minimum recommended monitor resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

# Macintosh™: Requires OS X 10.3 or higher, G3 450 MHz or higher processor, 128 MB RAM and 1 GB of hard disk space. Will not run on OS 9.x or earlier. OpenGL® support requires a 32 MB OpenGL® capable graphics card. Minimum recommended monitor resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels.

Basic support for joysticks recognized by Windows XP and Mac OS X.