Steganos Security Suite 2006 8.0.3

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Steganos Security Suite 2006 8.0.3

Steganos Security Suite - Premium security to ensure your privacy. Includes market-leading encryption, AntiSpyware and AntiTheft protection. Steganos Security Suite combines ten powerful tools for protecting your privacy: Steganos Safe protects your sensitive data - it serves as your encrypted hard disk. You open the safe with a password, USB stick or your ActiveSync-capable SmartPhone: via Bluetooth or even wireless. Steganos Security Suite's excellent collection of heavy-duty encryption and Internet cleanup tools is best suited to small business and corporations. Includes solid encryption algorithms; lets you store sensitive files easily and safely; shreds private documents and removes all traces of Web activity.

This encryption software enables users to securely store data and hide it from public view. It also allows them to send encrypted e-mails that require a password for the recipient to open it. Private data can also be hidden behind a picture or sound file. The software's Portable Safe enables users to encrypt data onto a CD or DVD, and then decrypt it on any other PC or laptop. Additionally, Steganos Security Suite 8 helps users manage their vast number of passwords and pin numbers and eliminate ones that might easily be found out. Finally, it deletes traces of PC and Internet usage and eliminates unwanted remnants of data from the hard drive.

F E A T U R E S:
** Steganos AntiSpyware. Detects and destroys about 100,000 pest programs like Adware and Spyware. This means you are protected against identity theft.
** Safe – your secure drive. Encrypt an unlimited amount of data. Open your safe with a USB stick or mobile phone.
** Portable Safe RW. Simply take your encrypted data with you: On CD and DVD or even rewriteable on USB sticks. Usable anywhere without additional software – all you need is a password.
** 256 Bit AES in real time. Uncracked. Unrivalled. The world's most progressive encryption algorithim protects your data. So fast that you don't even notice it.
** AntiTheft protection. In case your computer gets stolen, Steganos AntiTheft can provide information that can help you to restore it.
** Private favorites. Your favorite Web sites remain private. The list of favorites is password-protected.
** Password Manager. Encrypts all of your passwords - and enters them automatically if you like.
** Steganography. Hide your sensitive data in images and music.
** E-mail encryption. Creates highly secure self-decrypting e-mails.
** Internet Trace Destructor and Shredder