Steganos Security Suite 2006 ver.8.0.5

Posted By: useros
Your privacy is always in danger - without you noticing it: If you share your computer with others or use a laptop. If pest programs record your credit card number. If confidential data is stored on your hard disk.

If your PC needs to be repaired or sold and you want to clear the hard disk first. If you use a USB stick or CDs for data transport – your privacy is at stake.

You are leaving traces – on the Internet and offline: The acquisitiveness of today's programs knows no bounds. Windows XP also sends data to Microsoft. Spyware is installed unnoticed and secretly transmits your address and account information.

Thus, fraudsters can apply for credit cards, purchase products at online auctions on your behalf, pay by directly debiting your bank account or incur debts - and everything in your name!

How does Steganos Security Suite work?

Steganos Security Suite combines ten powerful tools for protecting your privacy:
Steganos Safe protects your sensitive data - it serves as your encrypted hard disk. You open the safe with a password, USB stick or your ActiveSync-capable SmartPhone: via Bluetooth or even wireless.

Laptop lost or stolen? With Steganos AntiTheft, you increase your chance of restoring it. Your valuable data will definitely not be accessible. USB sticks, too, can be turned into portable safes: now even rewritable.