STFMath v2.1.0 Retail

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STFMath v2.1.0 Retail

STFMath v2.1.0 Retail

Retail | 4.4 MB

STFMath (ex SunCalculator) is a multipurpose math utility, suitable not only for students, but also for engineers, professors, or anyone interested in math.

Graph Mode

¤ Draw Cartesian, Parametric and Polar functions
¤ Draw Integral and Average
¤ Draw Derivative
¤ Evaluate functions
¤ Perform function analyze [max. min, zeros…]
¤ Calculate intersection
¤ Calculate and preview integral
¤ Calculate derivative and average
¤ Draw and calculate equation of tangent or normal
¤ Save drawn graph as an image [bmp, wmf, jpg], or copy graph to clipboard and paste in external applications
¤ Insert textual labels into the graph, print graph or graph history, adjust graph attributes
¤ Build a table of values and publish it as HTML
¤ Prepare presentation using built-in MathPad, fully functional text editor


Matrix Calculator offers basic and advanced matrix calculations, with fully supported complex numbers usage. Supported operations:

¤ Matrix addition, subtraction, multiplication, scalar multiplication and division (max matrix size 50x50)
¤ Calculate determinant and trace, characteristic equation [for 2x2 and 3x3 matrix], adjoint [adjugate] and inverse matrix
¤ Matrix edition [swap matrixes, swap and delete rows or columns, multiply and submit rows and columns, transpose matrix]
¤ Edit matrix in MathPad
¤ Save/Open matrix as a Matrix calculator file
¤ Publish result as HTML
¤ Calculate solutions of linear equations system [up to 50 variables]

Function Evaluator - evaluate functions [incl. special function, like Gamma, Betta etc.] without limits; Evaluate X and Y points.

Complex Calculator offers basic and advanced complex calculations [argument, reciprocal, trigonometry and hyperbolic, exponential, logarithm…].

Geometry Calculator - calculate with easy: triangle, circle, frustrum, ellipsoid, draw and calculate polygons.

Geometry Units Converter - easily convert values for angle given in degrees [+ minutes + seconds] to radians or grads. For more extensive converting use given lists of units under Angle, Area or Distance.


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