Storm Software Professional Metronome ver.1.9 Retail

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Storm Software Professional Metronome ver.1.9 Retail

Storm Software Professional Metronome ver.1.9 Retail | 2,50 MB

This is the most advanced metronome for professional musicians you can find on the market. It features highly visible skin-able rhythm display with bar and beat counter. Integrated Song Editor lets you compose complete song arrangement with lyrics and play it later. Package also contains VST PlugIn which can be used in any application compatible with Steinberg VST standard. Unique ability is network synchronization between server computer with running Professional Metronome or VST PlugIn and arbitrary number of client computers.
Everything played on server computer is transferred to clients, including song lyrics! This is great for live performance when there is more than one computer on stage. In some situations large text is more important than visual beat display. Professional Metronome features "Text Only" mode which displays large text over the whole screen instead of smaller text in the bottom. High precision with modest CPU requirements are imperative for professional musicians; Professional Metronome gets more than 99% precision with low CPU usage. It is fully configurable: you can select output device, change lyrics font, change MIDI instrument, switch skins and much more.

Latest updates:

* Ability to jump to any position in song; pressing 'J' key opens "Jump to" window.
* Two bars for "warm-up" instead of one.

Note for skin developers: you can get free licence for Professional Metronome if yuo create a skin for it. Skin must meet following standards:

* 12 animation frames
* one static frame to display when metronome is not playing

* BMP format without RLE compression
* 600x600 pixels resolution
* 8bit (256 colors) or 16 bit (65536 colors) color depth