Sunbowsoft Secure Storage v1.0.8

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Sunbowsoft Secure Storage v1.0.8

Sunbowsoft Secure Storage ver. 1.0.8 | Win32 | 1,45 Mb

Sunbow Secure Storage (3S) is powerful, reliable and easy to use disk encryption software, which transparently encrypts partitions, devices (USB memory sticks, etc.) or creates encrypted file-hosted virtual disk. 3S allows you to protect sensitive data with a powerful and proven encryption algorithm (AES-256, BLOWFISH-256, TWOFISH-256, etc.), ensuring that only authorized users may access it.

There are two types of 3S volumes:

A 3S partition is a hard disk partition encrypted using 3S. You can also encrypt hard disks, USB hard disks, USB memory sticks, and other types of storage devices.
File-hosted virtual disk
A File-hosted virtual disk is a normal file, which is a completely independent encrypted virtual disk device. It is treated as a separate disk (for instance the H:\ drive).

A volume can only be accessed with a password. It is invisible unless you mounted it. Once mounted, the 3S volume is like any other drive you normally work with. It functions like any other drive (D: or E:) on your computer. Just drag and drop any file into the 3S volume. 3S volume can only be viewed, accessed, browsed or modified by the user who has the key to open it. At other times, the volume is invisible!

TThe process of encryption is transparent for the user and working with 3S volumes does not differ from working with regular logical disks.

Even if someone takes the computer or encrypted disks, it is impossible to get access to the information stored on them without the password.


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