Super Cleaner

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Super Cleaner

Programa skirta kieto disko valymui nuo susikaupusių ten "šiukšlių" - laikinųjų failų, "sausainukų", istorijos failų, pasenusių, neveikiančių nuorodų Favorites aplanke, neteisingų sparčiosios paleisties piktogramų Start Menu direktorijoje ir index.dat failų. Šalina paliktus interneto laikinuosius failus praktiškai visų naršyklių: Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, America Online, Netscape. Galima savarankiškai papildyti šalinamų failų sąrašą, taip pat įtraukti į automatinį valymą atskirus failus ar direktoriją (kaip pvz. Prefetch ar Backup) ir tada SuperCleaner išvalo nereikalingus failus vienu spragtelėjimu - programos paleidimo metu. Absoliučiai saugus, niekada nepanaikina svarbių failų (Word, Notepad ir pan.).

SuperCleaner is an all in one disk cleaner for Windows. Its built-in Garbage Finder can find hundreds or even thousands of megabytes of unneeded files taking up space on your computer. The Internet Privacy features of SuperCleaner will let you erase your web browser's cache, history, cookies, and even the elusive index.dat! If there are cookies you want to keep, you can use the built-in Cookie Manager to manage them. Another popular feature of SuperCleaner is the Start menu cleaner. This feature finds all of the items in your Start menu which are dead (pointing to files that no longer exist), and gives you the option of deleting them. SuperCleaner is very powerful, yet easy for beginners to use.

Main Features:
- Scans your entire computer for unneeded and obsolete files
- Finds and removes dead shortcuts from your Start menu
- Finds and removes dead shortcuts from your Internet Favorites menu
- Protects your privacy on the Internet by removing temporary Internet files, history files, and cookies
- Includes an easy to use Cookie Manager that protects your personal information from websites
- Can automatically perform many functions when your computer starts, such as erasing your Internet browsing information, alphabetizing your Start menu, removing cookies, emptying the Recycle Bin, cleaning out your Windows temporary directory, and much, much more

Here's what's new:
- Added support for Netscape 8
- Improved Opera profile detection
- Consolidated Miscellaneous and AutoClean sections
- Added cleaning plug-in for AOL Instant Messenger and PMView Pro
- Improved speed of several AutoClean cleaning options
- Resolved issue with Start menu cleaner not removing folders
- Changed header image