Supersoft Prophet 2005 Astrology Software

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Astrology software PROPHET2005

HOROSCOPE: Detailed horoscope of any person born anywhere in the world can be viewed or printed just by entering date, time and place of birth .
PREDICTIONS: Predictions are based on Lagna and planetary positions in Rasicharts, Vimsottari Mahadasa, Antardasas and Panchanga.
Yearly or monthly dates of forthcoming birthdays can be computed based on birth star.
MARRIAGE COMPATIBILITY: From the date, time and place of birth of the bride and bridegroom the ten poruthams can be examined in detail.
ASTROLOGICAL CALENDAR (PANCHANGA): Astrological calendar up to 31-12-10000 AD including Graha spashta, transit of planets into signs, dates of Malayalam Era, the time of start and ending of nithyayogam, tithi, karanam and star, the times of sunrise and sunset of 4000 places around the world and their longitudes and latitudes and the astrological clock.

Available in Malayalam, English, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada and Telugu languages according to North Indian or South Indian styles of rasichakras as per your choice.