SwitchSnarf 0.7 + Registration Code

Posted By: garoudy
SwithSnarf enables monitoring the Internet connection of any computer in a network established with a switch.
SwitchSnarf scans all working computers in the local network and identifies their MAC addresses, IP addresses and Computer Names (Hostnames).

The internet in/out going Internet connections of a computer can be monitored in cooperation with any network monitoring tool (sniffer, such as Ethereal) or the Nexeye Monitoring Enterprise.
No changes are required in the network setup and no additional software is needed on the computer that is monitored.

Technical Structure:
In a local network established with a switch, the packages are sent to the relevant computer only.
SwitchSnarf utilises ARP packets that are used for identifying the computer details. By capturing the ARP packages that are sent to the gateway, SwitchSnarf monitors the network traffic.

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