Symantec Client Security Corp Edit v3.1

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Symantec Client Security Corp Edit v3.1

Symantec Client Security Corp Edit v3.1

The last version of this useful antivirus and firewall suite from Symantec. No serial or activation necesary.

Key Features:
* Integrated security technologies proactively protect enterprise client systems from security risks and network intrusions
* Enhanced protection from spyware and adware, including:
- - Real-time protection to reduce the risk of spyware reaching the system
- - Automatic removal for easy disposal of security risks
- - Side-effect repair to clean up registry entries, files, and browser settings after hard-to-find spyware infection
- - Control over spyware settings via existing Symantec™ AntiVirus Corporate Edition management interface
* Generic Exploit Blocking enhances intrusion prevention capabilities, resulting in reduced time-to-protection after vulnerability announcements
* Optimized out-of-the-box firewall configurations minimize configuration efforts while stopping the majority of threats
* Enhanced tamper protection guards against unauthorized access and attacks, protecting users from viruses that attempt to disable security measures
* Backed by Symantec Security Response, the world's leading Internet security research and support organization
Symantec Client Security includes:
- Cetral Quarantine Server
- Cetral Quarantine Console
- SAV fo x64-bit systems
- SAV Client & Server
- Symantec System Center
- LiveUpdate Administration Utility
- SClient Security Firewall Administration
- SC Security Client

There are 460 MB compressed aprox because have administratives tools and some one.


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