Systweak AntiSpyware v 1.0.564.632

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Systweak AntiSpyware v 1.0.564.632

Systweak AntiSpyware v 1.0.564.632 | 8 M

Absolute Protection
Systweak AntiSpyware has a vast database of spyware infections. It can protect your computer from Malware, Trojans, Sniffers, Adware, BHOs, Exploits, Key Loggers, Worms, Monitoring Programs and the type. The infection could be low risk annoying pop-up adverts to high risk stealing of confidential data to severe risk formatting of your system in stealth mode. Thus, with Systweak AntiSpyware you have an all-round protection that can remove all the infections download to your system and even shield them at run-time with the built-in Protection Guards.

Latest Definitions
With years of research and a good strength of fully dedicated team in the process, we have almost all the prevailing spyware infections in our database, to protect your computer from all types of infections. In our research we have taken care that our AntiSpyware should not only detect threats but should not even show genuine files and registries as threats, to increase spyware count, which could cause a program or your system to function irrationally. With latest threats and smallest possibility of false-positives we source you with the best AntiSpyware product.

Optimum Results
Systweak AntiSpyware is a benefit to you. It tracks all kinds of spyware infections which can slow down system performance, steal confidential data, spy your system, logs your chat conversations and browsing habits, remotely control your computer, self-replicating and fast spreading programs that propagates via security holes on the computer network etc. Thus with latest detection-technique and less memory consumption you will always get optimum spyware detection rate and best PC performance.