Taltech TCP-Com v4.1

Posted By: quil__23

TCP-Com is a software based RS232 to TCP/IP converter. TCP-Com allows

any of the RS232 serial ports on your PC to interface directly to a

TCP/IP network. For example,you can use TCP-Com to turn a PC into a

¡°Serial Device Server¡± so that you can connect any RS232 serial

device directly to a TCP/IP network and communicate with that device

from any other workstation in the same network or across the Internet.

TCP-Com can also create ¡°Virtual¡± RS232 serial ports that are

actually connections to a TCP/IP port. This allows you to use existing

Windows based serial communications software to send and receive data

across a TCP/IP network.

Attach data collection devices - modems, bar code scanners, sensors,

gages, meters, RF equipment, telephone PBX systems, laboratory

instruments, etc. - to the serial ports of your Windows PC and have

that data available anywhere over any TCP/IP based network (ethernet,


For example, you could connect a serial device (bar code reader,

electronic balance or electronic measuring instrument) to a COM port

on your PC, run TCP-Com and then connect to the device from any other

PC on your network through a TCP/IP socket connection. This would

allow you to use TCP-Wedge, Telnet or any other TCP/IP communications

software to read or write to the serial device directly from any PC

located on the same network. TCP-Com can also be used to pass serial

data across a corporate intranet or over the Internet. See below for a

list of typical applications for TCP-Com.

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