TerraSoft Web-fi BC v4.4

Posted By: Alexpal
TerraSoft Web-fi BC v4.4

TerraSoft Web-fi BC v4.4 | 2,52 Mb

Web-Fi BC (Home) offers resources to control the InterNet of simple form and with total security, being increased the productivity and hindering the bad use of the InterNet and it PC. It blocks Sites, Chats, Messengers, it prevents Installations and it has controlled the applicatory and Hourly use of the InterNet for; The exclusive tools that software folloies, make possible to the administrator extra resources, as: It analyzes it previous done with the tool TerraSoft WebHistory? it makes possible the necessary visualization of the descriptions of the had access sites and cookies, allowing exploitation in the hour better to define the filtering rules. Also the innovator TerraSoft PortBlocker? Firewall that protects its not authorized PC of accesses of the InterNet, provides to total protection against Trojans, spyware and softwares malicious, among others threats based on the InterNet, helping to guarantee the privacy and security of its personal datas and protecting it of connections or attacks hackers. Main Characteristics: I hindered that other people see improper contents in the InterNet; I hindered the execution of programs or windows; She makes innumerable restrictions to the Windows with the WinProtect tool, also the execution of installations; Option Anti Pop-Up, to disactivate the undesirable PopUp during the navigation; All the visited information of blockade and sites are stored in Logs; Option redirecionamento where it will be able to open a pagina of the InterNet, always that a content will be blocked, thus you will be able to personalize the information that are shown to the user at the moment of the blockade; Option of Agendamento de Desconexão of the modem and disconnection of the PC; Control of the applicatory and Hourly use of the InterNet for with the PortBlocker tool; Monitor of Digitação, to store all the activities that had been typed and the sites that had been had access, facilitating to the choice of the words keys to be registered in cadastre; It supports Multi-Idiomas. Any written language could be added to software. It is available two packages of languages, in Portuguese and English. List of Exceptions, that still more improves the filtering of the content, as much found in the sites, as in the programs.

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