TextPipe Pro ver. 7.6.1

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TextPipe Pro ver. 7.6.1 | 4,64 Mb

TextPipe is an industrial strength text conversion, manipulation and data mining application that can read just about anything you care to throw at it. It supports a huge variety of formats enabling any industry to manipulate its specific text files - formats include RTF, HTML, XML as well as Unix, Macintosh, Mainframe and PC end-of-line formatting. For text-based data, TextPipe supports comma-delimited, tab-delimited and fixed-position data files in ASCII or EBCDIC. It even supports structured and unstructured reports and files. It is the most powerful text alteration tool available, with 1001 uses.

What is TextPipe?
TextPipe™ is our multi-award winning, industrial strength text transformation, conversion, cleansing and extraction workbench.

What does TextPipe do?
TextPipe makes it fast and easy to convert, transform and re-purpose data in text files, including

HTML, XML and other structured documents from the WWW
Fixed length or delimited files (CSV, Tab, Pipe, etc)
Unix, Mainframe and PC/Windows end-of-line formats
ASCII, ANSI, Unicode and EBCDIC files
EDIFACT, HL7, SWIFT and other structured formats
Spooled print files
Structured and unstructured reports of any size or dimension
TextPipe also works with binary files, however for Word documents (.doc) see WordPipe, for Excel spreadsheets (.XLS) see ExcelPipe, for PowerPoint presentations (.PPT) see PowerPointPipe and for databases see DataPipe.

Seven Reasons Why TextPipe is Different
TextPipe is exceptionally fast. Several unique algorithms speed up processing

TextPipe handles files of unlimited size, even files larger than 2 Gigabytes! Other applications attempt to load the entire file into memory (grinding your system to a halt).

TextPipe's unique restrictions control precisely where changes are made. Restrict to a range of lines or columns, to specific Tab or CSV fields, between HTML/XML tags, and inside custom ranges. Restrictions can be combined, for example, to columns 1-10 of lines matching a pattern. Restrictions are essential for extensive but controlled search and replace

TextPipe performs multiple operations simultaneously. Other applications offer only 1, up to 5, or require a slow multi-pass approach

If TextPipe's 100+ filters don't suit your needs, you can use industry standard VBScript/JScript to write your own. Other applications either don't offer this facility, or force you to learn a proprietary language

TextPipe is unique in offering the EasyPattern pattern matching language for those not familiar with text pattern matching (regular expressions). EasyPatterns are English-like and very easy to learn

TextPipe can be scheduled for non-interactive use, and can be controlled by an external program. Other applications provide only a mouse interface.