The Ultimate Troubleshooter ver. 3.30

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The Ultimate Troubleshooter ver. 3.30

The Ultimate Troubleshooter ver. 3.30 | 15 Mb
A valuable resource manager that can improve your PC's performance, startup times, and overall stability

In many cases the keys to improved performance, faster startup times, and increased stability for your PCs are hidden in the multitude of processes running in the background. While a number of utilities (including the Windows Task Manager) can list the processes and services currently running on your computer, the challenge comes in understanding what each of these processes does and whether or not they should be running in the first place.

The Ultimate Troubleshooter (TUT) makes for a valuable addition to your toolkit of system resource managers by going beyond the scope of similar tools in adeptly explaining all of the various background processes and revealing what each service does.

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