TimeToPhoto v1.0.1335

Posted By: klol101
Most digital cameras don't add datestamps to digital photos. TimeToPhoto helps you see the date and time when you snapped your photos. TimeToPhoto allows you to add datestamps or memory labels to selected photos with one mouse click. Just select the photos with TimeToPhoto and press RUN to get the date to print on all of your selected photos automatically. TimeToPhoto automatically reads the date of the original picture from a file and places the datestamp and/or any text label to your photo.

Key features:

batch photo processing
You can add any text label and timestamp to your photos
Stamp location, size, color, and font are fully customizable
EXIF date and time support.
All stamped photos are saved to a different folder so original photos are not modified.

Program works under Win9x, NT, Win2K, Me, XP, W2003

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