Tom Tom NAVIGATOR 6 for PDA and SmartPhones

Posted By: car001
Tom Tom NAVIGATOR 6 for PDA and SmartPhones

Tom Tom NAVIGATOR v6.000 for PocketPC and SmartPhones
includes GB Map plus Major Roads of Western Europe v650.1046

OS: Windows PocketPC 2003 or WM v5 | Size: 224 MB | 3 Rapidshare Links ( 98 + 98 + 33 MB )

Fully functional - I have successfully installed this version of 'TTN6' on my 'Acer n35' series PocketPC
step-by-step guide to installing it included.

With modern navigation technology you always know your location and where to go.
- Easy to use
- Detailed maps
- Clear and accurate spoken and visual instructions
- Easy call handling
- Navigate directly to contacts
- And you can easily find in the Web aditional maps for almost every country in the world.