ToxicIII ver. 1.2 Orion Edition

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ToxicIII ver. 1.2 Orion Edition

ToxicIII ver. 1.2 Orion Edition | Win32 | Size: 5,54 MB

Toxic 3 is the successor of the award-winning Toxic 2 synthesizer. One of the warmest, crisp, and clear Frequency Modulation engines around, it owes its sound to the precise calculation of the digital signal. Due to high-resolution DSP processing, it produces sounds with an extremely low noise threshold - something that most FM engines cannot offer.

The Toxic III also includes superior analog-modeling techniques in the filter section. Powerful effects such as EQ, a Distortion unit and two Chorus/Flanger/Delay sections, complete this excellent generator. The user interface is easy to comprehend and allows instant access to all relevant parameters.

An additional tool is the built-in sequencer. It offers a total of 64 steps, which can be divided into two independent, 32 step modules to allow double-polyphonic patterns. With its "Smart Sequencer" technology, when a chord is played, the module defines that chord, and tunes the pattern accordingly.

The sequencer also allows for pure playback of the programmed sequence from single notes.