TWD Remote Anything ver. 5.11.22

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TWD Remote Anything ver. 5.11.22

TWD Remote Anything ver. 5.11.22
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TWD Remote Anything ver. 5.11.22

RA allows to completely control the keyboard, mouse, and screen of a remote PC via a modem, a LAN or the Internet: explorer-like file transfer, ability to install and use programs, to power up/down PCs, and to record sessions that you can play back.

RA allows to monitor and to administer PCs, instant training, interactive chat, user assistance and remote application sharing on more than 100 remote computers at the same time.

* Fast enough to watch real-time video remotely
* Automatically detects available PCs on your network
* Ultra-Fast File Transfer using intelligent compression
* The ultimate small footprint: the Slave is only 90 KB
* The first remote-control tool with a Directory Server
* Easy to deploy - just copy and run the Slave.exe file
* Integrated Gateway to reach private IP addresses